Services Available in Freight Forwarding

In order to make the transportation of cargo across borders a success, freight forwarding has had to change over time to encompass a whole barrage of logistics. Some of these services are explained below.

Sea & Air Freight

Sea & Air FreightThese are two of the transportation options available in forwarding. Depending on how fast you want your cargo delivered, how much you are willing to spend, and the cargo size, you can choose from either one of these two. Air freight affords the fastest means of transportation while sea freight is the most cost-effective.

Freight Documentation

Forwarders cater to all the documentation required to transport cargo from one point to the next. This is done by processing the required certificates, bills, and contracts required at every step of the transportation process.

Freight Tracking

Freight tracking is of great importance as it helps a client know where their cargo is on the transit path. It gives a client peace of mind and offers an added layer of security to the process.

Freight Packing

Different merchandise requires different packing in order to be transported properly. This can be in crates, cartons, containers, or even palettes. Forwarders provide the packaging so ensure that a client’s goods are secure for transportation.


Cargo needs storage at different points of transportation. In order to be transported safely, freight forwarders provide secure and safe warehousing solutions for the cargo in between its different stages of transit.


An important part of transportation is to ensure that the package is disease and pest free. It is a requirement at points of entry and so becomes a necessary service offered by forwarders before they transport the cargo.

Cargo Loading

Cargo loading requires time and specialized equipment. The client chooses from three cargo loading types offered by forwarders. Live loading requires the loading of the container within a specified time frame while a driver waits. Warehouse loading requires the client to deliver the cargo themselves to the warehouse for loading.