Qualities of a Good Freight Forwarder

Good Freight ForwarderFreight forwarders have become an invaluable part of the freight forwarding business. Any business people involved with the transportation of merchandise from one country to another need the assistance of forwarders in order to have a seamless movement of goods from port to port. Without this service, business people and anyone wishing to transport goods would face the stringent custom regulations, nerve-racking documentation process, and the strenuous follow-up of goods on transit, to mention but a few challenges. This makes freight forwarders a must-have. These are the qualities of a good freight forwarder.
==Proficiency in the Document Process==
The documentation process of transiting port to port cargo is stringent. It involves a good number of certificates and licenses among other documents at different points of transit. In order to pass through all the security points, the required documents need to have all the right information. Bills and contracts need to be applied for at the proper time as well. A good freight forwarder will be versed in the documentation process in order to supply all that is required. They should also have the right licensing and insurance in order to aid in forwarding products.
==Technological Advancement==
Cargo that is being transported from port to port often travels thousands of miles. For the transportation process to work flawlessly there is a need to have checks. Satellite tracking is one of the ways that checks are put in place to always know where the cargo is. It helps keep the client and the forwarder keep a close eye on the location of the cargo.
==Packaging Prowess==
When transporting goods over such long distances customized packaging is needed in order to maintain the form of the goods. A freight forwarder needs to know how to package every product that is brought to them for transportation.
==Storage Facilities==
The products in transit require storage at different stages of transportation. This requires for the forwarder to have their own storage and partnership with different warehousing institutions for when they need to store these goods.