Licensing Required by a Freight Forwarder

LicensingFreight forwarders are a necessity in any freight industry and they have become a valuable tool in the commerce of any country, whether it is for importation or export. For this reason, they are a recognized and enabling part of the intrastate, interstate, and intercontinental freight forwarding system. In this regard, different countries have different regulations governing the work of freight forwarders. Some countries do not even require them to have licenses, while in some the governing bodies have a strict watchdog. Here are some of the countries and their requirements.
With over 80% of the manufactured goods being for export, Ireland has a robust exporting system. Freight forwarders play a huge role in making this exporting venture a success. To oversee the quality of this process are two associations; the Irish International Freight Association and the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association. They oversee this industry as well as provide educational literature to aspiring and practicing forwarders on current trends.
In Canada, the Canada International Freight Forwarders Association, in conjunction with Transport Canada, works to regulate freight transportation and offer a balanced service provision for freight forwarders.
==United kingdom==
In the United Kingdom, freight forwarding is not licensed but forwarders are advised to be in the overseeing body, the British International Freight Association.
==United States==
The United States requires freight forwarders to have a number of certificates depending on the value of cargo as well as the transit type being used. There are two main types of certificate; for air and sea freight. For a forwarder using sea freight as a mode of transportation, they are required to get licensing from the Federal Maritime commission. Those engaged in air freight require licensing from the International Air Transport Association.
Every nation has its own system of governance for importation and export but they follow a similar model as described above.