History of Freight Forwarding

History of Freight ForwardingThere has always been a need to transport goods from one location to another, be it between two relatives, or from supplier to a consumer, these services have always been essential for the growth of different communities. That is why freight logistics was born. Initially, it was a simple horse-drawn carriage that was the fastest means of transport. This mode of transport faced dire challenges from the rough road network that was at times not pliable to the carriages and they would break down every so often falling short of the already slow delivery system. This system was also prone to bandit attacks along the way who wanted to enrich themselves with the goods which were in transit.

The advent of the railroad system made it possible to move goods through a secure transit line. It became the safest and fastest mode of transport at that time, opening up a world of possibilities across states. Alongside this were the steamships, which were a significant improvement from the rafts and boats that were used previously to transport goods across small water bodies. These ships made it possible to finally transport commodities across cities and then countries. They were fast and safe in their delivery method and did not require as big a workforce as the rafts and flatboats used before.

These milestones in the 19th century were improved on greatly in the 20th century with the invention of the airplane, the popularity of the automobile, and the improvement of the road network. This made it possible to deliver heavier goods faster across cities and countries. Today, with the railroad and air travel able to transport in the tons, freight is able to transport a wide variety of goods including horticulture that needs to be fresh on delivery, electronics, furniture, machinery and equipment, and all manner of tools and materials. These modes of transport have made it possible to move goods efficiently in a fast, safe and affordable way. This has allowed businessmen of different calibers to participate and benefit with international business links.