Domestic Freight Forwarders

Domestic Freight ForwardersDomestic freight forwarders work within the confines of a country. Although they have the same services, forwarders are differentiated by whether they are domestic or international freight forwarding professionals. Domestic forwarders offer local and interstate transportation of cargo. Apart from being confined to the borders of a country, these forwarders offer the same services as international freight forwarders. They offer packing and unpacking services, fumigation, pickup and drop off, storage, and even customized packing solutions like palletisation.
==Transit Solutions==
When it comes to domestic freight forwarders, they are able to provide company-owned transportation solutions like trucks. Since their delivery route may be within the country it allows them to make the complete route transit without relying on other transportation providers. Domestic forwarders may also have small airplanes that make interstate deliveries based on the size of the cargo. At times, other modes of transportation come into play when there is a demand for more space or a faster delivery time. The railway system comes in handy at such times and requires liaising with the necessary officials to book space, deliver the cargo, load it, and offload it at its destination station. The cargo is then picked up and delivered to the final destination.
==Packing Solutions==
Domestic freight forwarders offer a wide range of packing solutions. Depending on their area of cargo specialization, they offer packing solutions that best cater to this particular cargo. There are those who specialize in timber packaging, while others specialize in sensitive equipment like medical equipment packaging. Fragile merchandise like antiquities, collectibles, electronics, and even museum pieces often require packaging unique to these products.
A client will look for a forwarder who is versed in transporting the cargo that they wish to transport. This ensures that the merchandise arrives in its original state. Horticulture, agricultural produce, and other products that require low temperatures to keep them fresh require refrigerated transit solutions. There are companies that offer these services, and if they don’t, they liaise with those who do in order to provide their clients with the required transit solutions.